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Belbin Individual Reports


Discover which combination of the nine Team Role behaviours you exhibit with a Belbin Individual Report.


Price: SGD $79 per profile

We use data obtained through the Self-Perception Inventory and Observer Assessments to produce individually tailored reports.


Each report contains:

  • Team Role Summary Descriptions: introduction to the 9 Team Roles.

  • Your Team Role Preferences: how you see your Team Roles contribution based on responses to the Self-Perception Inventory.

  • Team Role Overview: based on Self-Perception plus 4 Observer Assessments.

  • Analysis of your Team Role Composition: shows in rank order your Team Roles as perceived by self and observers, indicating individual scores, observer average and overall Team Role average.

  • Comparing Self and Observer Perceptions: shows side by side analysis of each of the 9 Team Roles based on your Self-Perception plus 4 Observer Assessments.

  • List of Observer Responses: words used by observers in rank order.

  • Observed Team Role Strengths and Weaknesses: summary of strengths and weaknesses based on words used by observers

  • Team Role Feedback: based on your Self-Perception plus 4 Observer Assessments. Summary of overall profile including career, work and work relation implications in everyday language offering personal guidance on deployment of your Team Roles.

  • Maximizing your Potential: understanding your contribution based on observer feedback and self perception.

  • Feedback and Development Suggestions: key suggestions in relation to work environment

  • Suggested Work Styles: based on analysis of top four Team Roles

  • Glossary of Terms


Mandarin Belbin 贝尔宾 (中文版)


Belbin has developed a Mandarin version of it's profiling system and it's available now here in Singapore! Download the sample version of the Individual Report in Mandarin by clicking the red button below:

Additionally, we also have our own official Mandarin Trainer (中文培训讲师/顾问) who can run your Belbin workshops in Mandarin. 

C.J. Ng

Mandarin Trainer


C.J. is a world-class sales, leadership and experiential learning consultant who has helped international companies achieve quantum improvements in sales profits in China and beyond. So far, C.J. is the 1st and ONLY Asian sales, cross-culture and leadership expert to have been invited to speak at the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) International Convention. C.J also conducts Belbin sessions in Mandarin so as to reach out to the large chinese-speaking market in Singapore. 


For more information, download his CV or contact us at



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