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The Gold Standard Team Profiling Tool
(Based on 9 Years Research with Organisational Teams)
Sin$2,356 per person 
Early Bird - Sin $2,056 (3 days prior to event)
2023 Dates
F t F: 23/24 March - 2
0/21 July - 28/29 Sept - 14/15 Dec
Zoom: 4/5 May - 17/18 Aug - 7/8 Dec

Small Class - Face to Face & via ZOOM
2 Days 9am
 - 5pm

To Register: Contact
To Chat with no Obligation: Contact Master Tra
iner Dr Philip Merry 

9729 0419 or


·    Clarify and Practice Skills of Individual Coaching for Team Leaders

·    Clarify and Practice Skills of Individual Coaching for Team Members

·    Clarify and Practice Skills of Team Coaching for Intact Teams

·    Become Belbin Accredited: Gold Standard in Team Profiling

·    Boost Team Productivity

·    Understand Individual and Team Profiles

·    Identify Individual Strengths And Blind Spots

·    Enhance Conflict Handling Skills

·    Improve Team Dynamics

·    Build Team Success By Dealing With The Team’s Personality Dynamics

·    Build Team Coaching Skills

·    Join Group Of Belbin Accredited Consultants And Add Credibility To Team Sessions

·    Take The “Guess Work” Out Of Team Building

·    Use Proven Scientific Research For Team Sessions

·    Understand Individual’s Contribution To The Team

·    Select & Construct High Performing Teams

·    Learn From Global Master Trainer - Dr. Philip Merry


The Belbin Team Profiling system is “the” proven global team role system. Used by organisations world wide for over 30 years it is built on the assumption that the “truth” about team style is most accurate when your view is combined with observer feedback from colleagues, manager and subordinates. In depth reports provide practical understanding of how different “styles” can combine effectively to enable teams to function at their best. On successful completion of the accreditation exam, participants can immediately add value to their leader and team development interventions by deploying the unique Belbin Team role reports. Each participant receives an original certificate signed by Dr. Meredith Belbin himself. Originally a paper self score instrument – the Belbin system is now a powerful software that produces 360° individual, team and job reports which require self-perception as well as observer data.



·       Powerful 360° on-line tool

·       Individual 360° profiles

·       Observer Input

·       Team Reports

·       Relationship reports

·       Organisational Reports

·       Job reports

·       Job Compatibility reports


Once you are accredited you can immediately purchase Belbin Profiles (8 page 360 profile – S$80). There is no yearly license fee – just purchase the profiles whenever you need them.      


Participants will learn from Dr Philip Merry’s team coaching framework based on his  42 years of team coaching in 63 countries. Team development, team building and team facilitation often refer to “one-off” events that do not always have consistent long term success. Team coaching is an emerging methodology where the facilitator helps the team build sustainable results through coaching over a period of time. after clarifying the team coaching framework  participants will then be able to understand how belbin team roles accelerates team coaching success.


1. Belbin Team Roles Concept

2. History of Belbin Team Roles

3. Belbin Reports

4. Nine Team Roles

5. Understanding your Team Profile Report

6. Coherent and Confused Profiles

7. Observer Feedback

8. Development Reports

9. Individual Report

10.Coaching Role Play

11.Team Report and Team Coaching

12.Team Coaching Framework

13.Preparation for Coaching Practice

14.Belbin Job Profile 

15.Get Set reports: new reports for youth

16.Exam Preparation

17.Belbin Accreditation Exam

18.Future Plan for working with Belbin



  • Clarify and practice skills of individual coaching for team leaders

  • Clarify and practice skills of individual coaching for team members

  • Clarify and practice skills of team coaching for intact teams

  • Use the Merry team coaching framework (based on Dr Philip Merry's 41 years of coaching teams in 63 countries)

  • Become Belbin Team Roles accredited

  • Boost team productivity

  • Clarify unique individual team styles

  • Clarify unique whole team styles

  • Identify individual strengths and blind spots

  • Enhance conflict-handling skills

  • Improve team dynamics

  • Build team success by dealing with the team’s personality dynamics

  • Build team coaching skills

  • Join a group of Belbin-accredited consultants

  • Take the “guess-work” out of team building

  • Use proven scientific research for team sessions

  • Understand each team member's contribution to the team

  • Select & construct high-performing teams

  • Learn from global master trainer


Corporate Trainers, Independent Consultants, Leaders and Managers – anyone who wants to improve team effectiveness.


(9am - 5pm both days)

Face to Face & On-line via Zoom


·   Full Price Sin $2,356 - Early Bird Sin $2,056 (2 weeks prior to start date)


Dr Philip Merry is Regional Representative of BelbinSingapore since 1997, CEO/Founder of Singapore's Philip Merry Consulting Group, has been conducting Belbin Accreditation Workshops for 22 years, and has accredited over 400 team facilitators, including over a 100 from the United Nations. Philip helps leaders access the power of the heart and self-leadership for personal and business transformation, and has conducted leadership and team projects with organizations for 42 years in 63 countries, boosting mindsets that grow inter-cultural co-operation and optimise personal excellence. Senior facilitator with United Nations and Duke Corporate Education, Regional Representative Belbin Team Roles, Marshall Goldsmith Coach, Appreciative Inquiry Certified, HeartMath certified, Philip is author of The Search for Singapore's Happiest People, and one-time London taxi driver. He has just completed his PhD research into Synchronicity and Leadership.

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