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Belbin Singapore


PMCG conducts team-building activities built around the Belbin Team Role theory, and facilitates Accreditation courses for those who want to learn how to apply the theory themselves.  We invite you to learn more about our modules, and feel free to contact us should you want to customise further:

Belbin Accreditation & Team Coaching


In this unique 2 Day Programme, participants will become                Belbin Accredited Team Role Facilitators, AND develop skills in applying PMCG’s unique QUANTUM TEAM COACHING methodology.  


PMCG’s TEAM COACHING framework (integrated with Belbin) ties it all together.

Discover Your Authentic Self

Many people choose a career and a life without the knowledge of their unique authentic self. They spend years feeling trapped without achieving joy or happiness or a sense of fulfilment at work. This powerful workshop will help you explore the life influences and decisions that have made you who you are today and help you put together a picture of how you want to live your life going forward.

Pulling In The Same Direction


Using the Belbin Team Role analysis, this workshop is designed to enable participants to develop practical team co-operation and leadership abilities, understand how others perceive them, deal with current weaknesses, and master news skills so that they can transfer the learning directly to the work situation.

Quantum Teams


  • Latest research into quantum holography and team success

  • “Must Have” Leadership factors that drive quantum teams to achieve goals

  • “FAR”: 3 factors which will block team success

  • “LAR”: 3 factors which drive team success

  • Contribution of Team Style and Global Cultural Intelligence

  • Tips of how to strengthen your team’s “holographic communication channel”.

Retreat Facilitation


  • Get clear on outcomes and planning the agenda so they are achieved

  • Learn to prepare the room and build rapport with venue staff

  • Ensuring adequate and appropriate introductory ice-breakers and warm-ups

  • Ensure involvement from different cultures so that one group does not dominate

  • Enable networking

  • Design group and team exercises that fit the bill and are fun

  • Monitor the atmosphere in the room and make changes when necessary

  • Keep sure of external speakers and the whole event keeps to time

  • Add relevant conceptual input when necessary

  • Ensure business goals are met

  • Manage audience involvement by being firm but fun

  • Keep egos in check

  • Make sure there are personal take-aways

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