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Sample Profiles

Individual Report

This is generated once an individual has completed their on line questionnaire and contains a Belbin profile, guidance and advice based on how the individual sees him or herself.Once an individual has received Observer Assessments back from at least 4 Observers, their report is upgraded to a Full Individual Report that shows how others view them compared to how they view themselves.

Team Report

The Belbin Team Report assesses how a group of individuals will work together as a team, detailing who will take on which role within the team, and where there may be gaps or overlaps in behavioural contributions.

Working Relationship Report

This Report analyses the relationship between two individuals to see how they might work together. Each individual will need to generate a Belbin Individual Report so that the Working Relationships Report can be created.

Job Report

The Belbin Job Report defines a specific job in terms of Belbin Team Roles. This report is created when a manager or recruiter completes the Job Requirements Inventory, a special questionnaire designed to find the most important aspects of a job.

Job Comparison Report

This report takes an existing Belbin Job Report and is then matched to the individual being considered for that job, to determine their suitability for the role - perfect when recruiting or for assessment centres.

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