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Develop your Self-Leadership, Strengths/Weakness Awareness & Build a Successful Career


  • Would you like to use your unique skills instead of running around trying to do everything?
  • Would you like to plan for a job where you can use your key talents?
  • Would you really like to understand how other people see you?

We often expect ourselves to be perfect, to be able to do everything; have a “big picture focus, manage the detail, make sure that practical implementation is completed, counsel team members, and be creative.” Unfortunately the person who can do everything does not exist – or if they do they end up so stressed that they get sick or leave early. It is the team that can be perfect and your particular contribution can help the team be perfect.


We need to learn that understanding and being aware of how to use your unique team style is crucial for both managing yourself in a team and managing your career. Put more simply – we need to be good at self leadership.

What is Your “Natural” Team Style?

To be effective in a team you need to be able to understand your unique style. Often we may have a rough idea of what we are good at, or we may have done a whole variety of personality profiles. BUT self assessment alone is often not accurate. Feedback from others is the missing piece, and Belbin profiles provide that.


The Belbin system allows to choose up to 4 people who know you in a team setting. By inviting your observers to choose from a variety of adjectives that they feel describe you, you are able to analyse how you see yourself compared with how others see you. You may think that you are weak in a certain style and they see you as strong; or it can be the other way around, you think you are strong and they see you as weak in a particular style. Either way it allows you to have a fully rounded profile which enables you to be more aware of your strengths and weaknesses and so give you better ability to effective. This then allows you to grow and develop by focusing on your strengths and managing your weaknesses.


The Gallup organization reports that people who have jobs where they can each day do work where they use their natural strengths are more effective. You may not be in such a job today or you may not be aware of what your natural strengths are. The Belbin Job Report helps you discover this. By completing the Belbin Job questionnaire you are able to compare your skills against the skills needed in the job and therefore make better more informed decisions about your job “fit” and “suitability”. 

This knowledge allows you focus on tasks in your current job that you do best or pursue positions that allow you to do what you are good at. Research in Positive Psychology reports that when you are doing a job that lets you use your natural strengths you are much more content. Your Belbin profile will enable you to manage your career more effectively – and at the same time be happier!