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  • Enhance your Consulting Practice - become an Accredited Belbin Team Role Consultant
All photographs displayed were taken during Belbin team training
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PMCG conducts team-building activities built around the Belbin Team Role theory, and facilitates Accreditation courses for those who want to learn how to apply the theory themselves.  We invite you to learn more about our modules, and feel free to contact us should you want to customise further:


Understanding team member’s individual style is crucial to overall team effectiveness. When each team member can use their strengths and manage their weaknesses the whole team benefits. The workshop is designed to focus on improving team leadership skills within the senior team. Style is experiential, interactive, responsive and practical.

2. PULLING IN THE SAME DIRECTION: Team Building with Belbin Profiles

Using the Belbin Team Role analysis, this workshop is designed to enable participants to develop practical team co-operation and leadership abilities, understand how others perceive them, deal with current weaknesses, and master news skills so that they can transfer the learning directly to the work situation.

3. FACILITATING GLOBAL TEAMS: Belbin Team Role Accreditation Workshop

If you are responsible in any way for leading, facilitating or developing global teams, then you do not want to miss this chance. The workshop leads to certification in using the world’s leading team profiling system – Belbin Team Roles – and on passing the exam participants will receive a certificate signed by Dr. Meredith Belbin himself.