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Enhance your Consulting Practice – become an Accredited Belbin Team Role Consultant

You may be a team and leadership consultant and need that something extra to drive your consulting practice to the next level.

Do you need:

  • To understand the interpersonal dynamics of teams you work with?
  • A language that everyone can share that helps teams to understand their human chemistry?
  • A new team tool about that will accelerat your business?
  • Individual profiles that guarantee interest in your services?
  • A profiling tool that does not “cost the earth”?

Belbin team profiling system will give you all the above and so much more!


The unique 360 profiling system requires team members to select observers prior to the workshop. This means that team members arrive at the workshop eager to see how others have scored them guaranteeing engagement right from the beginning of your session.


Many team building workshops are requested by clients because there is conflict within the team that noone knows how to deal with because it is based on “personality” differences. Belbin team roles provide a language that enables participants to share problems in a way that does not cause offence. For example PLANTS (creative thinkers who are always looking for new ideas) can often clash with COMPLETER FINISHERS (detail and deadline people who want to finish things on time). Instead of criticizing the other for what are perceived of as “personality” defects participants are able to say “I sometimes find your PLANT style difficult”. It takes the heat out of clashes that could potentially be difficult. 


  • Tried and Tested – Belbin team roles is 30 years old and is still the world’s GOLD STANDARD of team profiling proven to create effective, productive teams with the ability to drive performance
  • Based On Rigorous Scientific Research – based on 5 years of research at Henley Business School – one of Europe’s oldest and most respected business schools – means that you can use the system with confidence
  • In Depth 9 Page Individual Reports – 360 profiles means that team members can compare how their view of their role compares with their colleagues
  • Unique Team Reports – enabling the team to see their team strengths and challenges
  • Unique Job Profiling System – that enables clients to take the guessing our of team recruitment
  • Structured Team Design – Belbin team role system gives an automatic structure to your team building events which guarantees added value


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