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Belbin Reports Available

1. BELBIN INDIVIDUAL TEAM ROLE PROFILE                                        贝尔宾团队角色个人报告

We use data obtained through the Self-Perception Inventory and Observer Assessments to produce individually tailored reports. Each report contains:

  • Team Role Summary Descriptions: introduction to the 9 Team Roles.
  • Your Team Role Preferences: how you see your Team Roles contribution based on responses to the Self-Perception Inventory.
  • Team Role Overview: based on Self-Perception plus 4 Observer Assessments.
  • Analysis of your Team Role Composition: shows in rank order your Team Roles as perceived by self and observers, indicating individual scores, observer average and overall Team Role average.
  • Comparing Self and Observer Perceptions: shows side by side analysis of each of the 9 Team Roles based on your Self-Perception plus 4 Observer Assessments.
  • List of Observer Responses: words used by observers in rank order.
  • Observed Team Role Strengths and Weaknesses: summary of strengths and weaknesses based on words used by observers
  • Team Role Feedback: based on your Self-Perception plus 4 Observer Assessments. Summary of overall profile including career, work and work relation implications in everyday language offering personal guidance on deployment of your Team Roles.
  • Maximizing your Potential: understanding your contribution based on observer feedback and self perception.
  • Feedback and Development Suggestions: key suggestions in relation to work environment
  • Suggested Work Styles: based on analysis of top four Team Roles
  • Glossary of Terms


The Belbin profiling system can combine data obtained through the Self-Perception Inventory and Observer Assessments to produce a variety of team and organisation reports.

This report outlines the overall strength and weaknesses of a team and its individual team members. This report is generated for teams with 3 to 15 members and includes: Overview of Team Composition, Team Contributions, Team Role Circle, Individuals within the Team, Strong Examples of Team Roles, Team Role Averages, Overall Observer Responses, Glossary of Terms.

Belbin Working Relationship Reports:
Working relationship reports take into account the relationship of colleagues/manager etc. and offers advice on the working relationship between two people in terms of their Team Roles indicating potential synergy and areas of potential conflict.

Job Reports:
These reports look at a specific job in terms of Team Role preferences and indicates a candidate’s suitability for the job. Job Reports include: Job Specification, Job Expectations, List of Observer Words, Suitability for the Job

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